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Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When you sand a wood floor there is dust involved. I have invested in equipment and training to try and help minimize or eliminate this negative effect of the wood floor sanding process. I use the Bona DCS (dust containment system).

All of the tools in this system are specifically designed to keep the dust down during the sanding process. They are integrated together. When you take a sanding machine from one company and a vacuum from another they do not work together as efficiently as machines designed to work together.

A shop vac hooked up to a sander is not dust containment! It catches some of the dust in a canister and the blows the fine dust out of its ventilation system.

A bag on a floor sander needs air to pass through it to keep it working. The air passing through it takes dust with it until the bag is clogged. Once it is clogged it becomes very ineffective.