Van Dyke Floors

Van Dyke Floors

My name is Randy Van Dyke.  I have been married for 20 years to my wonderful wife, Jennifer.  We have five children, four daughters and one boy.  They range in age from eighteen to two years old.  We homeschool the kids, or should I say my wife does, so she stays very busy.  I help as much as I can but she does most of the work in that department.

I was born and raised in Bozeman, MT.  I grew up on, or around a farm and spent  most of my youth working on my dad’s or uncle’s.  As a little boy I helped my dad by driving the tractor as he sprayed weeds or lifting the ends of sprinkler pipe so he could connect them.  Working for my uncles, I moved sprinklers, fed cattle, cleaned barns, and bailed hay.  This taught me to work hard, in fact, there was no dinner until the work was done!

I attended the local Christian school for twelve years and graduated with the same kids I started kindergarten with.  It was as if I had fifteen extra brothers and sisters.  I then went to a small Christian college and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.  From there, I entered management in retail.  After nine years  I grew weary of working nights and weekends. I also knew that it was really not the future I desired. It was at this time, a family friend who was a wood floor master, asked if I would be interested in learning the trade.  This sparked a flame in me and I fell in love with the trade of hardwood finishing and the field of construction.

My masterful teacher and employer soon trusted me to run his small crew.  I spent seven years learning from him and then decided it was time to advance and start my own company.  That is when Van Dyke Floors was born.

I named the company using my last name because anyone living in our area would understand what was implied in the name.  The name obviously shows my Dutch heritage. When driving through the dutch communities, the clean barns, perfectly painted fences and straight rows of crops are quite impressive. I wanted the same effect when I worked on my clients floors.   That’s why I decided to put extra money into buying dust collection equipment for the start of my company.

In the beginning of my wood floor career, I sanded floors the traditional way with bags on sanders.  It was very dusty and messy.  My wife would make me take my clothes off before I came into the house because I was always covered in dust.  This helped me make the decision to start using dust collection in my business.  I had the only Bona Dust Collection System in the entire state of Montana.  

I had my business for three years and then the economy fell. Because my wife's family lives , we in Port Angeles, we thought It would be a good place to relocate.  We had visited many times and liked the area and the people here.  It also gave our kids the opportunity to get to know their grandma a little better.

I worked for a flooring store for a while but soon I decided it was time to start my own business again. My family and I have been in Washington over three years and have been on our own for almost two years of that.  

In starting my business again I wanted to follow the same  philosophy I had in the past.  I am using a Bona Dust Collection System as well as Bona finishes.  I want people to get a little bit of that dutch quality in their homes.  A neat, clean, and straight floor.  I always told my employees that the only thing that should be in someones house when we leave is a beautiful new floor.

In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. I also spend quite a bit of time serving in my church. This includes leading a bible study and hosting a community group.  I also study with the Colson Institute on Worldview Training.  My favorite and most important job is raising my five kids and spending quality time with them and my wife. Life is full and good!